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Laser machine tool services

Laser 2D Optiplex Fiber II Mazak

As compared to classic CO2 lasers, the "FIBER” technology features a 10 times shorter wavelength, with the dense energy laser beam carried by fibre optics, which avoids excessive heat build up in cutting zones, prevents slag and ensures a stable cutting process along the entire length. The small laser beam focus diameter combined with the dense energy mean that our laser device cuts at least twice as fast when compared with traditional CO2 cutters, with a ten fold improvement in cutting precision.

Laser 3D Fabri Gear II Mazak

Guarantees very accurate cutting for almost all profiles.
  • Accurate cutting means pipe end joints fit perfectly, significantly reducing the assembly and welding time
  • Pipe cutting and chamfering
  • Machining pipes and profiles up to 8 m
As compared to classic CO2 lasers, the "Fiber” technology reduces the cutting process time by half whilst without adversely affecting precision.
Press brake services
  • 175 tonne pressure
  • Bending elements up to 3 m wide
Powder coating and blasting of steel elements
The company has a modern powder coating shop based on the Italian Euroimpianti system. This shop is able to handle 12.5 m long and 2 m tall elements.
We also have our own blasting room to clean elements up to 1 m tall and of any length. We use our own transport facilities to collect and deliver processed elements.
Selected completed projects


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